Julie Toomey, Jillian Jones, Lizzie Moore

Julie Toomey, Jillian Jones, Lizzie Moore
AS285: Lens Art

For this piece we worked in a collaboration for a stop motion project. This video is in reference to Plato’s Cave. We used Adobe Illustrator and a Wacom drawing tablet to bring Blobert, the main character, alive. Like the Allegory of the Cave, Blobert was trapped inside a “one perspective of life” by being trapped inside a laptop screen. We opened his perspective by setting him free to the real world.

Elizabeth Tipton

Elizabeth Tipton
A-S285: Lens Art

This brief stop motion film explores the idea of perception versus reality. The way we perceive the world is skewed by our surroundings and our preconceived notions of the way we assume things should happen. “Occipital Switch” takes a whimsical look at seeing with no boundaries. By altering your view and state of mind, you can see the universe in ways that once seemed impossible.