Todd Milliman



Todd Milliman
FA 371/471 – Large Format Photography and Fine Printing
16″ x 20″ digital inkjet print from scanned 4×5 negative
Series: Some of the art community at Cazenovia College
Contains seven prints and is an ongoing series

I came to Cazenovia College as an older transfer student from a two year school, in 2012. I was 28 at the time and required to live on campus which was strange at first. I was quickly accepted by my peers in the art community, being a close knit group at this small college, and I wanted to photograph them in their environment as artists. This was important to me because the time as a transfer student was starting to pass quickly and I wanted something to remember this experience by.

Katlyn Kleist



Katlyn Kleist
Large Format Photography and Fine Printing
4×5 negative – digital print; 16″ x 20″
2 images of 4 in series

Winter is debatably the worst season; it’s cold, dull, and almost completely uninspiring. One loses the warmth and glow of sunlight and become confined inside; usually only venturing outside as far as your car is parked to travel to another inside place to hide from winter. As an artist finding inspiration in the winter months seems almost impossible some days. This sequence is a visual representation of my struggle in coping with my clinical depression and my feelings of being lost and uninspired during the long winter months in Central New York.

Brittany Juravich



Brittany Juravich
SA 371: Large Format Photography
4×5 negative, printed digitally; 16″ x 20″
Part of a series of 5 images

I photographed my grandparents as a way for me to get to know them. The more I started photographing them, I realized that people put on masks and hide their identity. Why do we want to put on a happy face for the camera and only show one side? It may be our best side and what we want people to see, but is it the truth? I may not know everything about my grandparents, but the stories they shared about their past and our family meant a lot to me, which is exactly what I wanted to accomplish.