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Sherry Bonner




Sherry Bonner
Art 295, Special Topics (Alternative Processes)
Digital Negatives used to make Cyanotype and Van Dyke prints
Mixed media combining Digital Inkjet print on canvas with Cyanotype prints toned in Eggplant Black

Cyanotype and Van Dyke prints sized 3″ x 4″ (2 images)
Mixed media installation 36″ diameter (1 image)

The cyanotype is done on vellum from a digital negative printed on Pictorico. Image is of the Rocky Mountains just east of Livingston, Montana.

The Van Dyke is done on watercolor paper from a digital negative printed on Pictorico. Image is of Pompeys Pillar, 25 miles east of Billings, Montana and contains the last physical evidence of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

The mixed media installation is titled “The Modern Warpath” and is intended as a social statement on the current ecological battle taking place between the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and their supporters/allies vs. proponents and the corporations involved in the Dakota Access Pipeline project. The center image was shot in the heart of the Standing Rock Reservation in the South Dakota section. The surrounding cyanotype images were toned in Eggplant Black and shaped to resemble tears in recognition of the suffering of tribal nations at the hands of both government and corporations that started with the founding of our nation and continues today. They are also a visual documentation of the natural beauty and life giving aspects of nature that the Water Protectors are fighting to maintain for not only themselves, but future generations. The mandala is topped with a ‘tree of life’ symbol done with turquoise chips to symbolize the “Water is Life” slogan used by the Water Protectors. The bottom of the mandala is adorned with a glass bottle containing a small amount of grass and soil collected from the site of the Protector’s camp in Cannon Ball, ND.

My journey that led to this camp and my experiences there had a profound impact on me and reinforced my desire to use my art to highlight and inform viewers on matters of social importance that are close to my heart. Overall, this class on Alternative Processes has been my favorite thus far and gave me an incredible opportunity to combine digital photography with photo processes over a century old, and I look forward to continuing my experiments in future classes.

Kellogg Community College, photography

Tanya L Hilliker



Tanya L Hilliker
ART 295 Alternative Processes
Silver Prints; 8 x 12, 16 x 20

This semester I focused on using different printing methods in the dark room. I brought in foreign objects to expose (photogram) my paper, and then double exposed the paper again to fill in the remaining white space. My favorite ended up being a thin net; creating lots of texture and depth in the images.

I also, got to experience Mordancage. Another one of my favorite alternative processes. With the image of the girl on deck, I did a double exposure at night. First shot was long exposure f16 for 5 minutes on TMAX 100 film. Second exposure was with a strobe to light the girl so I wouldn’t get any motion blur in my image. After printing in dark room, I treated the print with Mordancage. I ended up liking how it looked wet, so I hurried and did a copystand photo of the image to document the bubbles that the Mordancage created.