Heather Stratton

“Sarah, Emma and Sophia Napping and Eating”

“Pregnant with Sophia While Doing Yoga with Emma”

Heather Stratton
MFA Candidate
Digital Prints
16″x24″ and 24″x16″ respectively
Image series: Domestication: A Recovery Act
2 images from the ongoing series

Domestication: A Recovery Act is a documentary series focused on the lives of housewives. I began working on this series as an investigation into the personalities and lives of actual housewives to gain a more respectful understanding of the “occupation housewife” at a time when popular culture was, and still is, instilling ideals of false realities about housewives.

Emily Mason

Emily Mason
PH 363 Digital Photography II

For this assignment I wanted to experiment with the compositing of multiple images while creating an attachment and emotion for each space. Each space speaks differently with the choice of overlaying and feeling of comfort to each humans placement and spacial positioning.