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Latrice Scott





Latrice Scott
ART:3233 Studio Lighting
Medium: Digital Prints
1) 13.333 X 20.053
2) 15.467 X 11.52
3) 13.333 X 20.053
4) 11.5 X 8

These images are self portrait images of me. For the assignment we had to take photographs that represented four questions that was asked about ourselves. The four questions were:

Who am I?
How others see me.
How I want others to see me.
A surrogate/replacement or stand-in.

The original photographs are in color. I decided to turn into black and white because I love how the contrast of the photographs look as well.

For my first image I decided to state the physical by saying I am a African American woman. I played on the idea by using the hair scarf as a representation on the African culture. I put a twist on it by adding the jewelry and makeup to represent the American culture and style. For the second photo, others see me as this shy quiet type. So I decided to push it further by hiding part of myself in the dark and only having one side of me being seen. I wanted to show that most people don’t really see me and that I am hidden in the dark or shadows to them. Then, there are some that do notice me, but only some of me. For the third photo, I decided that I wanted people to see me as this very strong, independent, sophisticated, confident,and feminine woman. I did a head shot with a very strong pose to capture everything that I wanted to stand for. Lastly, for my replacement I choose a crab to represent me. I am one to believe in my zodiac sign Cancer and our symbol is a crab. Zodiac cancers are quiet, shy, sensitive, loyal, trustworthy, and lovable. The characteristics of a cancer describes me to a T and that is the reason why I chose to photograph a crab.

Mississippi State University, photography

Chauncey Mangum





Chauncey Mangum
Art 3233: Studio Lighting
Digital photography
There are twelve images total that make the series.

My idea for the project was to show how society views black men and how they feel they would like to be viewed by society. It was very interesting to see how these people actually feel on the topic. I used a two light setup one light pointing on the subject and a light pointing towards the background to separate them. They felt very strong about the subject based off their reactions and ideas they gave me. I feel they decided to show a good side of the concept I was going for, due to them putting together their own ideas for the overall theme. I only presented the topic to them, but I let them decide mostly on how to execute the idea. I wanted to have ten people, but majority of the people I had did not commit to the project or wanted to do something different which did not fit the concept. The overall idea is to show how each individual feels and capture their own emotions into the camera.

Mississippi State University, video

Jenni Kilburn

Jenni Kilburn
ART 4990: Video Art

This video is about comparing things that are similar and different. I picked the subject of my grandmother and I because we have been compared to one another my whole life. I thought it would be interesting to interview people that we are closest with such as family friends and my grandfather and I asked them three questions. The questions I asked were How are we similar, How are we different and How has her raising impacted the way I acted. Since the audio had so many things going on with it I wanted to keep the video very simple in showing the things that we have similar physically because one of the biggest things I get told is that I look just like my grandmother even from complete strangers that I don’t even know.