photography, St. Norbert College

Meghan Lamb

Meghan Lamb
ART 280: Intro to Photography
Digital Photographs; 14 x 9 in.
Images in series: 2

Statement: The prompt of this project was photography as metaphor, so I wanted to create something that could be very self-interpretive and subjective. One could look at this as a statement on climate change, an increasingly heated political state worldwide, humanity’s endeavors to save the planet and pull it out of the hot water, or even as whatever one views as meaning the world to them being “in hot water” and trying to save it.

photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Grace Burzinski

Grace Burzinski
Art 376: Intro to Film Photography
Silver Prints; 8″ x 10″
3 of 9 Image Series

The idea for this series was time and how I could represent its passage in different ways while also still incorporating a clock. The digital clock is along exposure that shows the changing of the last two numbers over a period of 4 seconds. The plain pocket watch photo is not just a clock, but one that was passed down through the owner’s family through several generations. Finally, the last picture is two stacked negatives with the same friend’s hand and at almost the exact same time but on two separate days.