Karly Boileau



Karly Boileau
FAS447Y5Y: Individual Investigations in Photography
Digital Prints; 6″xx 8″ free standing prints as well as being displayed in book format.

Series called “With Thanks,” currently there are 13 works in the series but it is ongoing

Description: Documenting and highlighting the often overlooked dedication page in books. The idea of placing the images in the book becomes somewhat of a paradox because one never moves past the dedication page to the actual text, thus the dedications become the story.

Stacy Ng



Stacy Ng
FAS447: Individual investigations in photography

The Dress Series
Digital prints
Series of 9 photographs

Over the past few years have purchased and inherited many dresses in my closet. I currently own over 50 different dresses. However, I rarely get the change to wear any of them. Therefore, I decided to photograph a series of dress that were forgotten, while addressing my obsession with collecting dresses.

Nikki White

There is a light and it never goes out.


Nikki White
FAS 347Y5: Photo 3
Digital Prints/Digital Slide show; 16″ x 10″
Part of a series: 2/3- Abandonment

These photos are from a series based on abandonment. The piece was presented in a digital slideshow format. The images were played with corresponding and contrasting audio to change the way these photos could be interpreted.