Pedro Romano



Pedro Romano
Art 344 digital Photo
From series of 15 digital prints- 8×12/8×14

The idea of a Pedrograph comes from an unconscious neccesity to create imagery. This series investigates the emptiness of meaning in a subject. The absence of a defined subject matter is replaced with emtiness. This emptiness examines the visual language of imagery in which the viewer brings meaning to recognize forms. The empty Pedrographs are an attempt to deconstruct, understand and rebuild this visual language.

Jason Sims



Jason Sims
ART 344: Digital Photography
digital prints; 5×8 inches
Number of total images in series: 40

Artist statement:
The visual devices employed were specifically chosen to represent a void of creativity I was experiencing during the book’s creation.The series progresses from a blanket of white at the beginning, myself then appearing as a mere speck, a continual infiltrating zoom that at the climax isolates the essential features of my face, and finally a recession back to a speck and then nothing. The title itself has been appropriated from the novel based movie “Never Ending Story”, wherein the lack of imagination of modern humans has materialized into a catastrophic force, “the nothing”, that obliterates the world of Fantasia.

Miranda Morrison



Miranda Morrison
ART 344 Intermediate Digital photography
Digital prints; 8 x 10
part of series of 12

This was a collaborative series dealing with social personas and the tools we use to enable those personas. We often put up shields or masks to guard and even hide our truest selves to the outside world.