Sarah Amelia Clarke



Sarah Amelia Clarke
Color Photography
color prints; 6″ x 6″
series of 6

I enjoy photographing the character of Youngstown through its old buildings. With these images, I wanted to explore the Youngstown that once was. I choose these buildings and signs because of the contrast between the bright colors and the effects of aging and abandonment.

Seoun Som




Seoun Som
Art 3748R- Installation and Photo Sculpture
Digital Prints; 2″ x 2″

RITUAL: This work is part of an Installation that deals with Private and Public space. I have created a shower scene in a public space and contained within was light boxes. When the viewer first step into this space that are confronted with shadow boxes that contain blurred images. The viewer then opens the boxes to reveal a clearer image inside. Through this action the viewer is peaking into a private ritual that is taking place.

Michele Manna



Michele Manna
Art 3748: Special Topics
digital prints; 16″ x 11″
Series of 18 images

This series is about the failing economy with images of stores in the processes of closing and that have already closed. This project came about due to my own personal life being affected by the closing of a local Linens-N-Things in which I worked at for 5 years. I wanted to document the businesses in my home town of Warren, OH.