Public Space

Streets, squares, parks, beaches, forest paths, the public space can take many different forms, but mostly refers to the same basic criteria: it’s a place that is open, free and accessible to its inhabitants, allowing their free movement and expression. A place which provides people opportunities to come together and engage with the community ……..



Vault Gallery
DUE: October 11, 2019

Artists have chased the elusive nature of light for centuries, enticed by its captivating movements and inspired by its brilliance and colors. The presence or absence of light is integral to every photograph, the key component that activates sensitive silver and captures the latent impression. Harsh, soft, brilliant, dim, warm, cold, Light plays a myriad of roles in a photograph, playful and severe, subtle and overt. For this exhibition, we are looking for photographs that celebrate the role of light in an image. Submissions may be any format, black & white or color, film or digital photographs.



Mirrors and Reflections
Call for Photographers
Deadline: 12/07/19

As the title of this call says, the works collected on the occasion of the next LoosenArt collective will expose a theme that has always been subject to interpretations: the mirror, a means of symbolic and conceptual connotations through which the artists of the past have conveyed analytical and metaphorical meanings.

From the reflection of Caravaggio’s “Narcissus” to Pistoletto’s shattered mirrors, these are just some of the examples that testify of a continuum in the history of art in reflecting on the very concept of “reflection”, a further confirmation of the intrinsic nature of the creative act, that of the exposition of the self and of our perception of the world, interior and exterior, through the execution of the artwork that becomes the mirror of the self.



Midwest Center for Photography

It is a juried exhibition from the Midwest Center for Photography, and it accepts entries from photographers from around the world. Artists have the chance to have their photographs featured both in the exhibition and online, and exceptional photographs in the categories of landscape, portrait, interior space, documentary and close-up photography can win money. The call for entry is broad, and that leaves room for different forms of creativity.



Calls for Entry



During this show art from local artists will be displayed in and around the zoo throughout the month of November. Guests will vote on their favorite piece and the winner will receive a special behind the scenes tour. Art that is accepted into the show will potentially be for sale (if agreed to by the artist), and the profits from any sale will be donated to SANCCOB. SANCCOB is a foundation in South Africa that works to protect, conserve, and rehabilitate coastal seabirds.

Art submitted for consideration should feature a nature/animal theme or be created from recycled materials. Art of all mediums will be accepted. Art that is submitted must have been created by the person filling out the submission form. Artists can submit up to 5 pieces for consideration. Each piece will require an individual submission form. Submissions will be accepted until October 11th. Artists will know if their piece has been chosen for the show by the following week. Art that is chosen for the show will need to be dropped off at the zoo during specified hours/days. If your work is accepted you will receive more information regarding drop off/pick up.

Please follow the link to fill out the submission form when you are ready to submit your piece for consideration.