photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Sarah Stankey

Sarah Stankey
Art 576: Advanced Photography
Digital Photography and Installation Stills
Sizes vary from 14×20″ to 20×35″

My home state of Wisconsin has had a strong cultural tradition of interacting with nature as hunters, hikers, farmers and loggers. These activities provide people with a deep connection to the land. Now more than ever, these actions play a direct role in either harming the land or having the potential to help shape and balance an already fragile ecosystem.

In the series, Camp, the male figure is a metaphor for all humans. People camp to visit the wild and inhabit the landscape temporarily. This curiosity and instinct to explore can help us to reconnect with nature and reminds us of the need to preserve it. We can remove the fear of flora and fauna, teaching the value of a nature-filled life to future generations.