21 thoughts on “Stephen Young II”

  1. i love the concept and idea of these photographs. The lighting in both of the photos is really nice; it makes the environment look really welcoming even though the setting is abandoned. great work!

  2. In the bottom images the composition is mainly taken over by the wood building, but the door show the outside world. This little glimpse of freedom compositionally gives the viewer a point to hope for in the image. It is a beautiful image.

  3. In the top pictures with the trees has a lot of amazing lines that help move your eye up and down throughout the picture. The colors have an eerie, but also calming feeling. I like the way the trees and light reflect off the water.

  4. I agree with Jojo. I like the calming effect that these photos have on me. The only thing that I would add is that maybe there doesn’t need to be so much color correction/pos-processing? I think the photos would be good with very little.

  5. These Images are very vivid, the colors stand out intently and really drew my eye in. I really love all the framing that is happening in the second images, the windows and door illuminate the space and the details within it. This causes my eye to linger on the image. The reflections in the water on the first image are so crips, a mood and environment is really evident in this picture. Great job!

  6. It’s amazing how bright and clear the second photo is. Since it was shot inside when the inside should be dark and there is light coming in from the door, I think you mastered the exposure!

  7. For the first photograph, I like how it was composed and think it is fantastic that we can see both the reflection on the water and things under the water. And the cold color tone fits the leaves and dying grass on the floor.

  8. I love love love urbex photography and I think these photos capture that spirit. I especially like the first image. What’s at the bottom of that pond? How did it get there? Abandoned places tell lots of tales and photography can really capture those in an image.

  9. The cyan tone in the first image reflects the weather, the season, and the time in which this photo was taken. Symmetry of the trees and and the create a nice balance with the white branch on the bottom left and the natural shape of the lake. Great image!!

  10. the warm tones of your pictures add an element of warmth and movement. the reflection of the trees and the clarity of the water provide a juxtaposition of some elements, yet complementation of others. i think the blowen out whites add an additional layer of depth to the image.

  11. Your lighting is very strong in both images and I like that you are playing around with a certain color palette for your images. My suggestion is too not add so much saturation and contrast to the images or else it will feel like an HDR image, unless that is what you are going for. What is the context for taking these photographs or is it more urban exploring of abandoned places. I think you should consider what draws you to this type of subject and maybe explore more about techniques or subject matter to make your images pop even more.

  12. Your first image looks very cinematic, which made it more interesting to me. It almost looks as if the camera is about to pan over a crime scene to the side.

  13. I like the contrast between the trees and open air and the rest of the photograph, i.e. the reflection in the water in the first one and the room in the second. The saturation of the images is beautiful. The images would stronger if they were framed just slightly different. I get lost on the right side of the first image. In the second, I would like to see less wall space on the right side of the door.

  14. The first image I wish the top part of the image wasn’t so exposed around the boarder. It takes my attention away from the main part of the image. But the shadows and highlights for the rest of the image are spot on. It gives off great detail to the scenery.

  15. I think the top photo has wonderful color saturation. I love the reflection in the water and the landscape portrait. I think the amount of detail is amazing, its a well focused image. I think you could have cropped out some of the sky as it takes up a bit of the frame, but really the image is great.

  16. Really interesting muted color scheme in these images. They feel like very forgotten places. The depth and saturation of the water in the top image works really well for that interesting reflection, and I really enjoy the angle you took the second photograph with–inside looking out.

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